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Home for the N R S C  is our Club house known as the Anchorage at Acle. The Sailing club for owners of modern production cruising yachts on the Broads

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 Dear NRSC Members

With most of our boats out of the water or safely moored against storms Ciara and Dennis some people may wonder what we get up to at this time of year. The Committee and helpers have had no slack period. With subscriptions now gathered in, the Red Book is well under way towards publication and checks are being made at the Anchorage.

A shout-out for the Fitting Out Lunch on Saturday 28th March has already gone. Many thanks to all those helping with the catering! All members - please do get back to Judy Jarvey asap with your ticket requests.

Do remember that the Fitting out Lunch also includes a boat jumble that sees 50% of sales to the Club and the rest back to you, so do sort out your surplus boat stuff from the bottoms of lockers, the back of sheds and garages and bring it along. Someone else will make good use of it. We also need your unwanted books and boating magazines, and some nice raffle prizes please!

For the brave there is no let-up. I received a report from Brian Gray about a great outing on Tallulah in January when he “had the best sail ever today, three reefs and still making 6.8mph with 30 degrees of heel”. Exciting stuff!

The sailing programme is all in place and the eating venues booked for the regatta events. There has however been one change to the Summer Regatta as Black Horse Broad is not available for the Sunday, so we will organise a passage race back to the Anchorage on that day.

It is great to see more members making contributions to the Newsletters. Jeff Harteveldt’s article in this edition gives us some guidance on those maintenance jobs that are always waiting for attention….

Do keep the Newsletter articles coming. Before long, the ‘Message from the Commodore’ could just be

Membership Renewal for 2020

With Julia’s welcome return as Secretary she flew at great speed through the revolving door to send out the annual invoices, but there are many subs yet to be returned. The significance of this is that we cannot send the Red ook information to the printers without your approval of your personal details and it also delays our final input to the Green Book. Please make a real effort to make a return. Many thanks for those who have already

done so.

Michael Sparrow Commodore

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Ropes and Rules

Sailing Secretary Tom Parkinson kicked off the first of our four-part training sessions on Saturday 1st February with a morning devoted to setting a course and managing a race safely and successfully. Aimed principally at budding Officers of the Day and Timekeepers, the material also proved extremely useful to racing helms.

More than twenty members convened at Weavers Way Barn, where the friendly and discursive atmosphere quickly put everyone at their ease and in good shape to pay attention to Tom’s slideshow. Starting with responsibilities of race management, Tom went on to cover interactions between yachts, how to set a course, starting positions on rivers and broads, timekeeping, managing the finish and a few words about handicaps.

It’s not easy to understand all the bells, whistles and flags involved in a race if you are a newcomer or a bit rusty but Tom patiently and clearly worked through all the basics. The information is all there but you have to know the flags in particular. He emphasised that NRSC members need to be good boat-handlers to tackle the narrow confines of the river, with little room for manoeuvre. On broads there is more space and Tom ran through the special race instructions concerning Committee boats, triangles, sausages and where to go when.

Particularly interesting were Tom’s explanations of how the boats themselves disturb the wind and affect competitors in different positions.

Don’t miss the second session Sat 29th February below – register with Tom.

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